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What is Event Safety?

  • Crowd Management
  • Crowd Psychology
  • Terrorism
  • Security and Stewarding
  • Traffic
  • Barriers and Fencing
  • Ticketing
  • Structures
  • Weather
  • Site Design and Topography
  • Licensing
  • Safety Advisory Groups

Reading through this list, you might wonder how events ever occur, especially when you realise that it is not even 10% of what is needed to make an event safe and secure.

At Gentian Events we pride ourselves on saying No.

Yes, NO! We only work with clients who are like minded and know that whilst profit (or at least not haemorrhaging money) is important, it cannot be used as an excuse for compromising public safety or security.

Our industry is littered with the debris of errors made, some from corner cutting, others made by people who might have known better. Working as the Olympic Torch Relay Chief of Staff for 3 years, the word that reverberated around was ‘legacy’ a concept we genuinely believed in. So yes, we can write a safety plan and walk away in the hope that you will call us back next year to do it all again. Let’s face it, there are a whole load of companies who will gladly cut and paste last year’s plan and make you pay for it again! However, our preference is to help you to develop a safety plan, support you in year one and maybe two but then leave you with the ability to then deliver it with your own team. ‘Give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he can eat for life’ (but only if he chooses to implement the teaching correctly).

Our practical event experience includes events such as British Summer Time in Hyde Park, Edinburgh Hogmanay Crowds, Durham and London Lumiere, Lord Mayor’s Show Fireworks, Lewes Bonfires, Hull Freedom Festival, Luton Carnival and both London and Brighton Pride. At Gentian Events as well as the large events we enjoy working with events that have a smaller footfall and maybe not as large a profile. In the past and currently these have included: The Surrey Heath Show, Magna Carta event in Clare(Suffolk), Ice Rink in Camberley and dozens of motor sport events around the country. To us these are just as important.

This is just a sample of events we have worked on in the last ten years.

Currently, we are delivering training around the country to various agencies including police, council, security companies and event organisers. We believe that they chose our company as we can offer bespoke training that includes guidance, feedback and help with their past and future events. Many companies ask Gentian Events to deliver Table Top exercises, where our wide experience can be of added benefit when both writing and delivering these excercises.  

In addition, our training experience includes: ten years working with the Emergency Planning College, five with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and four with the US based Event Safety Alliance. We have delivered sell out event safety training courses in Vancouver, Toronto and in April embark across the US from Chicago to Los Angeles with multiple stops in between. We co-wrote the UK SAG guidance and worked with NatCTSO to produce the 2017 Crowded Places Guidance. We are supporting the writing of the UK National Lightning Guidance and the US Event Safety Guide. We try to give back rather taking; we think we are different.

What we offer

Crowd Safety:

  • Planning
  • Design calculations using base models (DIMICE, APR, RAMP) for crowd flows during:
  • Normal, Emergency and Evacuation phases using:
  • Maths, Physics, Psychology and Behaviours
  • Delivery of these on site by our experienced team.
  • Event Safety:
  • Writing or supporting ESMPs
  • Risk Assessment and RAMS
  • Delivery on site by an experienced team


We train: Police Fire, Local Authorities and Security Companies in the UK, US and Canada in the following:
Crowd Management

  • Event Safety Management
  • Safe Site Management
  • Plan Writing
  • Working in SAGs.

Safety Advisory Group Consultancy:

We co-wrote: 'The UK Good Practice Guide to Working in Safety Advisory Groups’

We provide a Consultancy service to SAG members and event organisers covering:

  • SAG Powers
  • Terms of Reference
  • Challenging poor event organisers
  • Presenting to a SAG
  • Managing a bad SAG
  • Reviewing SAGs to ensure currency and legitimacy.

Testing, Review and Exercising Services:

Using practical scenarios rather than unrealistic demands we:

  • Write and deliver Table Top exercises
  • Review events that might be enhanced
  • Debrief events that require improvement
  • Exercise plans to improve delivery capability

Our website details our experience and background in much more detail. Feel free to take a look and call or email us for support and advice. 

01926 813914

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