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From small beginnings as a manufacturer of fire blankets back in 1963 to today, more than 50 years on, Fire Depot is part of the Sentura Group; a successful group of companies dedicated to improving the built environment. Sentura’s vision is of a world where every workplace is safe and secure and the users are happy and healthy, so in addition to Fire Depot which supplies UK-approved fire safety products, EasiLume, another Sentura Group company specifies and supplies LED lighting products.

Achieving ISO9001 approval every year since 1999, as well as holding a licence for the prestigious British Kite Mark and the internationally respected BRE LPCB mark, Sentura Group is committed to quality and upholding the highest standards in business

We make it our mission to share fire safety advice and fire equipment recommendations. Every organisation is different but there are many pieces of fire equipment that every workplace needs whether they are situated in an office environment, warehouse or factory.

Fire Extinguishers

Every office building needs at least one fire extinguisher. This will depend on your premises and type of workspace, factory or warehouse:

  • The carbon dioxide extinguisher is harmless to delicate equipment and materials making it ideal for all electrical risks where oils, spirits etc are in use.
  • The Foam Fire Extinguisher is a good solution for multi-risk usage.
  • The Wet Chemical Extinguisher is used for oils, as it cools burning oils and reduces re-ignition.
  • The Water fire Extinguisher can be used for multiple purposes and performs well in tests.
  • Water additive Fire Extinguishers contain a powerful 'EcoSpray' additive and work well where manual handling restrictions apply.
  • Powder Fire Extinguishers can tackle the majority of fires which involve wood, paper, flammable liquids and electrics. Powder Fire extinguishers can also be used on vehicle fires and can be stored in cars or commercial vehicles.

Fire Exit Signals

Fire exit signs are essential for all businesses to guide users to the correct exit. Fire Depot supply emergency exit boxes and the exit hanging signs which use long life LEDs for maximum durability in the case of a fire.

Emergency Lighting

During a fire, there is an increased risk of the main power supply cutting out which means emergency lighting is necessary for employees and customers to exit safely. The Emergency lights provided by Fire Depot will operate in emergency mode for up to 3 hours.

First Aid kit

Accidents of all kinds occur, and having a First Aid kit with all its contents intact is essential. Over the years bits and pieces may have been used but not replaced. Take the opportunity to have a look and see what is missing to ensure that your business is prepared for any accident.

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