Don’t just think Fire - think also about Access, Egress and Lift Breakdown

Another STEP forward for Swallow Evacuation & Mobility Products Ltd. We are now trading as EVACCESS. We have a new brand and website which we are really excited about and hope you will be too.

If you choose in isolation you could be selecting equipment that isn’t suitable for all of the above and fire is probably the least likely to happen. You will then be buying additional equipment to cover Access, Egress and Lift Breakdowns. So choose wisely.

Evaccess is a specialist supplier of powered and manual evacution chairs and stair climbers for people with reduced mobility. A comprehensive range to suit the different physical needs of individuals, different stairs and landings. Dignity is a key factor in choosing the most suitable solution to get in and out of buildings and up and down stairs. We also offer bespoke solutions. As products are portable they can be used in listed and historic buildings.

Evaccess also has a range of powered stair climbers to take goods up to 600kg, reducing manual handling and injuries by having the correct equipment. Also reduces damage to clients premises, as bumping manual sack trolleys up and down stairs can injure the operatives but also damage flooring and stairs.

Do you employ people with reduced mobility (PRM)?

Can those people travel between floors if the lift is out of action?

Can students with reduced mobility attend the school / university of their choice?

Can PRM enter your business or site and then travel up and down stairs?

Do you have a planned means of escape that does not rely on the fire service evacuating people?

Do you have to evacuate upstairs?

Are you certain that you have sufficient people who can operate your evacuation chairs and stair climbers?

Are you aware that there are many options available that cover evacuation, access and lift outages?

Are you asking staff to carry a manual evacuation chair upstairs or take a person heavier than themselves?

Are you responsible for a listed building and think there are not suitable products available?

Are staff being asked to take loads that can cause them injury?

Training, service and hire of stair climbers and evacuation chairs. It is really important to have a manufacturer authorised company to service stair climbers and evacuation chairs so that warranties are not invalidated. The same applies for training. Other products include Flex Step, Transfer slings, DirectMii (evacution / direction app)

Soon to launch the first stair climber designed to work on stairs, escalators and flat surfaces.

‘Service providers have a responsibility to plan in advance for the needs of disabled people and ensure they can get in and out of their premises safely,’ wrote Lord Holmes, Disability Commissioner.

There are various ways to get in and out of buildings and to navigate steps, ramps or lifts but what happens if a wheelchair user attends and you don’t have a ramp or lift or can’t alter as a listed building?

Our range includes models for straight, spiral and flared stairs that go up and down stairs so all options are covered. The models are portable so can be moved as required.

We have options that allow wheelchair users to remain in the chairs or for people to transfer, if it is the most suitable option. Do ask the person concerned as they know what is best for them!

A basic evacuation chair may not be the most suitable option for people in wheelchairs as they should remain in their chairs. Basic chairs go down and shouldn’t be carried up with people in them. Why would you expect people to move people in equipment that requires their physical strength to control the chair? You need to think about the safety of the person operating the evacuation chair as well as the needs of the occupant.

We now offer the Evacuation App that pictorially shows the evacuation route and will direct people to their appropriate escape route.

Recently at a conference in a well-known hotel not one of the many disabled people were asked to complete a PEEPS. This is a big issue as it is people’s safety that is being ignored. People complete their PEEPS on the phone so information is always there. The business just uploads their escape routes. If an incident- the phones goes and you follow the route.

When it comes to selecting an evacuation chair, Evaccess offers you a choice so you can choose the most suitable product for your application.

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