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Daikin Applied Explains the Importance of regular service and maintenance within the public sector.

Daikin Applied (UK) Ltd, is the market leader in energy efficient AHU and chiller products and servicing. The dedicated service division, Daikin Applied Service (DAPSUK), has been providing tailored HVAC Service & Maintenance solutions for over 25 years. With regular maintenance being the key to reliability, the service division’s strength is in working closely with Facilities Managers to not only maintain the building plant but to continuously monitor the systems, with the target of preventative maintenance, reducing downtime and ultimately reducing the building energy usage.

Both chiller plant and air handling unit plant systems need to be regularly maintained to ensure smooth, trouble free operation. With a regular service and maintenance contract in place unexpected breakdowns can be reduced by up to 70%, with system operation downtime reduced by up to 40%.

Chiller maintenance is extensive and whilst the onsite FM team can carry out some basic weekly checks there is a recommendation of 4 service engineer visits per year covering the following:

1. Mechanical check – such as chilled water checks on flow switch, air in the system and pressure drop.
2. Refrigeration check – such as suction and discharge pressure and superheat and expansion valve operation.
3. Electrical inspection – such as on wiring, sensors, high pressure switches, operating currents and transducers.
4. Unit inspection – such as fault generation and response monitoring, controls values and settings.

These service areas covered will help ensure that the chiller remains in good working order. Whilst Air Handling Unit maintenance may be considered a more simple service regime, ensuring that filters are clean or replaced on a regular basis, it is also important to check fundamental unit operations such as belt tensions, damper operation and electrical connection tightness to ensure that the unit will operate when it is called for.

As part of any service and maintenance agreement preventative maintenance is the key however there are sometimes still unforeseen breakdowns. It is imperative that the service provider can put in place corrective actions at the earliest time, which with over 50 in-field service engineers, 24/7 call out response and locally UK stored spares department Daikin Applied Service can cover the needs for all installations.

The next step change in service and maintenance will be remote monitoring of plant via Daikin on Site which will enable even greater levels of forward planning of maintenance and remote diagnostics of problems, further reducing downtime of all plant.

Product Range:

  • Air Cooled Chillers: Ranges from: 10kW to 2000kW. From scroll and screw technology to high efficient inverter screw chillers.
  • Water Cooled Chillers: Ranges from: 20kW to 10MW. From scroll and screw technology to high efficient inverter screw and inverter centrifugal chillers.
  • AHU – Modular: Plug a play standard solution with compact design, matched DX condensers and fully integrated controls.
  • -Ranges from: Modular Wheel - 0.13m3/s up to 4.2m3/s
    -Modular plate - 0.13m3/s up to 7m3/s
    -Modular Low Height: - 0.07m3/s up to 0.7m3/s for ceiling void applications

  • AHU – Professional: Ranges from: full bespoke AHU design and manufacture from 0.2m3/s up to 50m3/s (Eurovent Certified). BIM objects available.
  • Full service and maintenance department servicing both chillers and AHU with over 50 in-field engineers covering the whole country
  • Spares – dedicated spares division for short lead time, fast response service
  • Provide full manufacture, supply, factory test, commissioning, field testing, installation and full life time maintenance on all of our products.

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