Cutting-edge technology and high quality products team with unrivalled repair and customer service for a winning combination

XTI Limited

In the trenchless technology arena, XTI has long been recognised as a provider of quality CCTV drainage inspection equipment, and for the service offering, including reliable and speedy repair work. Our commitment to meeting our customers’ needs, particularly in respect of bringing them the latest technology to make their job easier and more efficient, is demonstrated with the imminent release of a completely new system.

The new XT220 control unit is a complete re-design of the XT202, and when used in conjunction with our new range of digital reels, represents a full end-to-end upgrade on every component from the camera to the control unit. Our strong customer relationships allow us to gather feedback on products, both from XTI and those from other manufacturers, and channel this into our product development to ensure we’re always offering the latest cutting-edge technology that best meets customer needs.

Addressing pain points
It is this kind of feedback that is the catalyst for product development. One of the key pain points of contractors working in the field is low battery life. Having the working day interrupted by needing to recharge batteries, or having to find a mains supply, can be a burden. The new XT220 features a high capacity battery offering all day life, to solve this contractor bugbear.

Another key issue is degradation of video images when using long pushrods, or when there is interference from a source of electrical noise. Additionally, there can be a real lack of ability to clearly see images on the screen in all types of light. We’ve addressed this with the XT220 control unit and the associated equipment. The improved image quality capability enhances speedy drain issue diagnosis – whether the push rod is 30 metres or 90 metres - and the ultra-bright, large format display makes the job even easier.

Field testing as a barometer of product success
It is worth noting that in testament to our strong customer relationships, the system is currently being field-tested by some of our customers – ensuring that what we develop and release is something that has been tried and tested, with feedback that illustrates that the product fully meets the customer needs. This, coupled with our specialist team of engineers, means we are able to bring a state-of-the-art system to the market. Because of our strong repair capability, our engineers are experts in all kinds of products from a range of manufacturers – so their knowledge is extensive and has been poured into this system. We’re confident we’re releasing one of the best systems available in the industry.

Small means agile
What has allowed us to achieve this innovative product development is our ability to be flexible. Our team may be small, but the level of expertise is high. Our company remains agile enough to respond to market demands and changes – putting us in a strong position to best serve our customers. Designing, developing and manufacturing everything in-house means we can make design tweaks and changes in the development process, and ensure the resulting product is the best it can be.
Free from the shackles of outsourcing our manufacturing overseas, we’re not bound by the same constraints that larger companies are. Those that import goods in bulk have to shift those goods, regardless of whether it is the best equipment for the job. We can honestly say that our products - hardware and software - are British designed, developed and manufactured, which means when we bring a product to market, we know it’s the best one for the job and we know we can fully support it!

True product integration and an unrivalled repair service
Should customers wish to upgrade the system only in part, adaptors will be made available to ensure that the current range of reels will work with the new control unit, and vice versa. This is in line with the XTI ethos to offer technology and repairs that encompass all types of products and manufacturers. For instance, our repairs service is second-to-none – offering repairs wherever possible on even very old equipment that most other companies would simply deem obsolete. We don’t send people away disappointed and will always offer advice and repair solutions which are the best for the customer. If this means giving older equipment the kiss of life, rather than scrapping and selling new, then that is the solution that will be offered.

We offer a 24 turnaround on most repairs and even ‘while you wait’ repair services on some. There’s no other industry player that offers such a service, and we’re finding it’s a requirement with continual and growing demand. It’s important to customers to access such services; with the mounting pressure they are often under from their clients, it’s vital to minimise the impact of downtime on their business. It is also essential to minimise cost, which repair does over replacement, as many of the contracts our customers are working on are state-funded, so being budget-conscious is crucial.

First-class customer service
Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day for advice and guidance on a range of issues relating to drainage camera equipment – even if that doesn’t lead to a sale for us. Our mission is to provide a first-class customer service and that is the foundation on which we’ve built the business over the last seven years, and one which has served us well. The feedback we get from our customers, and the repeat business that is generated is an indicator of this. We won’t rest on our laurels and strive to keep up with the changes in demand and the changes in technology.

We’re anticipating our new XT220 system and digital reels will be field-tested and available in February. We’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved; we’re small but mighty in the drainage inspection arena and we’re looking forward to releasing the fruits of our labour, making the job of our customers easier and more efficient for a prosperous 2017 for all!

For further information about XTI’s products and services visit our website.

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