Crowd Control Barrier Systems, And Your Options

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The necessity to improve security and crowd management at public events and gatherings is now in the public spotlight more than ever. When organising an event, be that a bonfire, concert, fete or charity run, organisers (including councils) are expected to provide adequate security and crowd management.

Creating a boundary to an event is the first step towards improving safety. Crowd barriers, even simple waist-high systems can be used to form a perimeter and guide visitors. Attendees can then be "vetted" on entry at designated 'entry points' for any contraband, or potentially harmful items. Something as simple as this can help ensure dangerous items do not reach the centre of a dense gathering of people.

So what are the options for crowd control and pedestrian management?

Crowd Control Barriers

Everybody is familiar with traditional fixed leg metal barriers. They are strong and offer good value for money. However being metal, they can be prone to rust and even theft for scrap metal.

The modern plastic alternative to metal barriers use formats that have been tried and tested in the roadwork and construction industry. With benefits including as many as 50 units on a pallet for easier storage and transport. High visibility anti-trip feet improve safety and reduce the risk of tripping. They can also lock together preventing unauthorised disassembly. Custom colours can be incorporated to fit with the branding of a borough, council or event, having the barriers coloured also improves their visibility to the public.

Perimeter Fence Systems

The traditional perimeter fence is a metal mesh design. The problem with this type of fencing is that they are hard to transport due to their size and are once again a target for scrap metal thieves.

The modern alternative is a hybrid system with a lower panel made of brightly coloured plastic and a top section made of mesh. These barriers reach heights of up to two meters (or more) and form a very effective pedestrian barrier. Many units can be transported on a single vehicle and can be quickly deployed to produce a secure fence that keeps unwanted guests from climbing in. Storage is also easier due to their compact nature.

Getting The Best Value

Whichever crowd control system is chosen to safeguard your event it should be strong, durable and ensure that pedestrians are safely guided into your event past appropriate security points.

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