BuroHappold Engineering

“Today’s volatile climate needs innovative engineers like BuroHappold. In times of turbulence, we harness opportunities for change to create more resilient cities and communities. That’s why, as a practice, we are renowned for tackling some of the most complex projects in the world.” – Roger Nickells, CEO

BuroHappold Engineering is an independent consulting practice with an international presence. For over 40 years, our name has been synonymous with the delivery of elegant, efficient and robust engineering solutions that respond to the challenges of our ever-changing world.

City planning

Nowhere is this seen more clearly that in our city planning and urban development work. We work closely with civic leaders, planners and stakeholders to understand the individual needs of a city, and then develop bespoke solutions that drive change on a social, economic and environmental level. Our approach is ‘user-centric’ with consideration for all who will be interacting with and within the specified area.

Our ongoing involvement with Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park , Stratford, London, demonstrates our ability to bring about effective and lasting urban regeneration. From 2003 until the summer of 2012, we were part of the team that transformed a disconnected and contaminated industrial site (colloquially nicknamed ‘Fridge Mountain’) into the stage for the world’s greenest and most accessible Games. Today, we continue to deliver the legacy vision, realising projects that include 10,000 new homes, a premiership football stadium, and cultural attractions such as the V&A, Sadler’s Wells ballet and the adrenaline pumping Arcelormittal Orbit Slide.

Inbuilt resilience

As our cities, communities and organisations become increasingly susceptible to stresses such as climate change, urbanisation, globalisation and terrorism, it is vital that we have the strategies and infrastructure in place to cope with them.

The BuroHappold Cities team is able to work at city, neighbourhood or building scale to develop robust resilience plans, which address current issues while also taking into account the impact of future trends. Our team of strategic planning, economic and technical experts work closely with each client to gain a comprehensive understanding of every project’s individual risks and vulnerabilities. We are then able to design a programme of aligned interventions that address these areas while meeting key priorities and budget requirements.

Our involvement with Detroit Future City exemplifies this approach. Driven by changes in the US auto industry, Detroit’s decline was a globally recognized story. BuroHappold worked alongside the stakeholder focused Detroit Works Project to develop a strategic framework that will guide Detroit toward improved economic performance and quality of life.

We have even developed our own diagnostic tool, Resilience Insight, which allows you to quickly and simply assess the resilience of your city or project.

Smart thinking

Using technology to drive design is a fundamental belief that underlines every area of our practice. Because of this, we not only embrace the latest computational techniques, we actively drive them forward in order to spark the imagination of our engineers and add real value for our clients.

The latest revolution to emerge from the BuroHappold stable is the SmartSpaceAnalyser App, which allows urban planners, architects and key decision makers to masterplan in real-time.

Available straight from the web, working with the familiar Google Maps platform, our SmartSpaceAnalyser can assess any part of a city in just a few clicks. Using a drag-and-draw interface, users can quickly run real-time analytics on performance measures including connectivity, travel distances, visibility and wayfinding. This enables planners to base big decisions on real data, which saves money, minimises risk, and builds better cities for us all.

Designing for people

Our interconnected community of professionals is committed to pushing the boundaries of engineering to realise projects that improve the built environment and bring real benefits to the people who encounter them. To achieve this, we place people at the heart of our designs.

We have dedicated 10 years to understanding how people interact with spaces. Through a combination of data and motion analysis, we are able to explore the way people use different places, how they behave within them, and how they respond to their environment. Whether at building, campus or city scale, our ability to capture this data and use predictive modelling to visualise the effects of our design decisions ensures that we create dynamic spaces that really work for the people within them.

The results of this work are encapsulated in One Angel Square, the new headquarters of the Co-op group in Manchester. Achieving a BREEAM Outstanding rating, the complex established a new standard for buildings that are good for business, good for staff, good for the surrounding community, and good for the city itself.

Engineering icons

BuroHappold Engineering dares to be different. Our creative approach to engineering and commitment to excellence defines our work, and has realised landmark projects such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi, the Palace of Westminster and the Tower at PNC Plaza, which enhance the urban fabric while delivering an unrivalled user experience.

Event Diary

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