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BOARD International is the #1 decision-making platform for organizations of any size. BOARD has enabled over 3,000 companies worldwide to improve the effectiveness of their management decision making processes, unifying Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance Management and Predictive Analytics in a single integrated environment. Thanks to BOARD’s programming free toolkit approach, Government Agencies, Organizations and Global Enterprises, such as Acer, DHL, H&M and Siemens rapidly deployed BI and CPM applications in a fraction of the time and cost associated with traditional solutions.

In the Government & Public Sector BOARD has enabled federal state and local government agencies and organizations, such as U.S. Navy, Los Angeles CDC, Welsh Government, Republic and Canton of Ticino and many others, to run analysis, planning, forecasting and simulation processes across their organisations for a timely, accurate view of their performance.

Data centricity:
BOARD eliminates traditional siloed approach, helping civil services to achieve a more enterprise-wide attitude towards policy formulation, financial accounting and cost monitoring. The tasks and challenges at hand cannot be easily resolved by just accumulating all required data. Thanks to BOARD, time previously lost spent gathering all the necessary data can now be reallocated to carefully scrutinizing, analyzing and validating all received data for a more agile response time. Furthermore, BOARD can rapidly assimilate new data sources and accommodate any specific customization required by the Government Offices and local administrations.

Decision-ready information:
BOARD provides the government sector with decision-ready information to ensure efficiency and effectiveness, responsiveness and accountability. Thanks to BOARD’s customisable dashboards, scorecards and reporting capability within its all-in-one platform, government sector players gain a better understand of the results, tracking progress against goals without referring to anecdotal evidence or relying on incomplete data.
A clear focus on measurement and analysis is an increasingly essential focus: without an analytical capability, indeed, inefficient practices tend to persist and efficient practices are less likely to be scaled appropriately.
With the BOARD platform, digital government processes become frictionless, helping not only to reduce costs, but also to examine program and service performances through an “analytics everywhere” approach that contributes to meet Government objectives and build a higher quality service for citizens.

A unified environment for analysis, planning and simulation:
Unifying BI and CPM in a natively integrated environment, BOARD easily compiles robust evidence on what is, or isn’t, driving efficiency. With BOARD, organizations can use the same data for implementing outstanding budgeting, planning and forecasting processes within a single environment. A primary example of the benefits of BOARD’s unified approach is how public administration departments can improve and refine their Resource Budgeting and Planning processes. The dual capability of BOARD helps to increase the accuracy of Pay and Personnel budget estimates and also to improve the Cost Control process across the department.
Thanks to its outstanding analysis, planning and simulation capabilities, BOARD provides insight to balance resources in the most cost effective way. In particular, BOARD budgeting solutions allow to budget down to the most granular level. Budgets can also be created for existing or unfilled positions, funded and unfunded positions, frozen vacancies, transfers, contractor positions and more.

Transparency and compliance:
Public administrations are increasingly bound to transparency requirements related to compliance, third-party authorities, external stakeholder, etc. Consequently, analytical processes need to be more and more customized according to specific criteria. Furthermore, since regulation is changing the rules of data collection, governments are frequently strengthening their regulatory response to concerns over data privacy.
Centralizing the compliance methodology through the agility of its integrated reporting capabilities, BOARD helps government agencies and organizations to be aligned to policy goals and regulatory constraints (e.g. Congressional Budget Justification in U.S). Through its integrated approach, BOARD helps to minimize administrative redundancies across departments, whilst sharing information with regulatory and legislative authorities to promote transparency and compliance.

Ensuring public services continuity implies numerous challenges related to technology, citizen expectations, finances and transparency. Therefore, significant change must be embraced to address the complex societal problems of today. The task of government leaders is to build confidence amongst the public by clearly delivering value based on the efficiencies that come with increasing automation and self-service and on effectiveness obtained through evidence-based practices. Through BOARD, Government agencies and organizations gain a unique decision-making support, helping them to develop and execute a citizen-centric strategy by creating a more satisfying, integrated and seamless public experience, adopting disciplines and techniques successfully used in the private sector.

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