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eShare has a wonderful track record supplying our BoardPacks meeting management portal to the public sector. It is used by NHS Trusts, housing associations, government departments, educational establishments and local authorities, all of whom value how it improves governance amongst board members, efficiency and security for their board papers.

BoardPacks passes the test with Ofqual

eShare is particularly pleased to share the results of how Government department and exam regulator Ofqual has been using BoardPacks. Instead of confining use to the board, Ofqual has deployed BoardPacks across the whole organisation, reducing printing costs and helping to make meetings smarter.

A G-Cloud success story

Ofqual had been looking for ways to make its various information management processes better, faster and cheaper. After searching for, and evaluating a number of different meeting management options via G-Cloud, Ofqual selected BoardPacks. It has since proved very popular, as Peter Arnold, Manager Business & Projects, Ofqual, explains:

“People no longer print materials, and can arrive at a meeting knowing they have single piece of information they could need, available and easily accessible on the iPad. Since implementing BoardPacks, it is now currently used by around 75% of our entire workforce, and is one of the most popular and widely-used digital tools we have introduced.”
Significant cost savings, a change in culture

Although BoardPacks is generally used as a portal for board members, Ofqual is using BoardPacks in most of its meetings, and has reduced its printing spend significantly since BoardPacks has been in use, as well as affecting a cultural change across the organisation.

“As an organisation that requires a lot of meetings and discussion to achieve our objectives, BoardPacks is a hugely useful tool for us – meeting attendees have access to the current information they need, and also information that has been archived. A significant proportion of our reduced printing spend is due to the impact BoardPacks has had – it has affected a cultural change across the organisation, in regard to how we hold and manage meetings.”

This is a really interesting deployment of BoardPacks, extending its value and benefit from those in the boardroom to most people within an organisation. We also have other examples of how it can help transform the public sector.

First class meetings with Coventry University

By removing the manual task of collating and issuing of paper-based meeting notes, and allowing board members to digitally annotate their board papers using its tablet-based app, BoardPacks will also help Coventry University save time and money. Beyond this, BoardPacks was selected for its intuitive tablet apps, secure infrastructure and the benefits it has for better governance.

Prior to using BoardPacks, Coventry University was using a resource intensive manual system to collate its board papers, which could comprise significantly long documents.

Matt Challoner, Clerk to the board of Governors explains, “We recognised that the right technology solution would bring both administrative efficiencies in the collation and issuing of board papers, as well as providing board members with much more flexible, secure access to important information, both present and past. What particularly stood out for us was the ability for users to be able to access documentation on their own tablet devices.”

Challoner continues, “Ultimately, we envisage that this integrated solution will ensure board members can make better informed real-time decisions by having access to the right information at the right time.”

For the organisations most sensitive information, security is important. Challoner adds, “In terms of offering a secure service, BoardPacks is based on a stable infrastructure which has built in safeguards to protect vulnerable information, as well as offering an additional security feature for tablet devices, such as remote wiping compulsory pass codes.”

Digitising the NHS

Luton and Dunstable Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (L&D) is a highly rated acute hospital in Bedfordshire. Rated the best hospital in the East of England (CGC 2009) and the first hospital in England selected by the Health Foundation for their work on improving patient safety, the L&D continues to be ahead of the curve when it comes to re-designing and improving their services. Like many hospitals, L&D needed a solution to increase operational efficiency. Beyond this, they wanted to improve governance practices and help transition to a paperless solution. Using BoardPacks, they extended efficiency increases to the boardroom by managing documents and meetings on tablets. They also adopted modules to manage broader governance activities, including decisions, and procedures, on one central platform.

Parsons commented, “Not only are we saving £175,000 per annum but we are greatly more efficient in meetings and at risk management.”

Opting for the hosted solution, the implementation took two months including deploying the software, populating the system, getting users trained, and hosting their first board meeting. The board members access their meeting papers and documents on their iPads, and they can collaborate on documentation, procedures and decision-making both in and out of meetings.

Victoria Parsons commented, “Implementation was so easy. The support team made deployment much simpler than we could have imagined.”

The board members found BoardPacks so useful they realised the benefits could be used much wider within their organisation, so the Trust have rolled BoardPacks out to the executive and general managers in various departments.

If you’d like to learn more about BoardPacks, please get in touch with us.

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