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The use of chemical-free UV light for water treatment has now become standard practice in most industries, including municipal, aquatics, industrial processes and offshore applications. Ultraviolet disinfection systems are used to ensure water is free from harmful organisms and is a proven, regulated and environmentally friendly technology.

UV-C light has the ability to inactivate all known microorganisms, bacteria, pathogens, virus and moulds, including chemically resistant organisms, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. UV dose (fluence) is calculated from intensity (UV Power) and time (flow rate) and is typically measured in mJ/cm2. For industrial product and process fluids, these organisms can cause spoilage and reduced shelf life. For municipal drinking water, these organisms can be harmful to humans.

UV does not affect the taste, colour, or pH of the fluid being disinfected and, as such, the technique is often used where conventional chlorine disinfection cannot be applied, such as within a brewery, soft drinks plant, pharmaceutical facility or fish farm. 

With 35 years of passion & expertise in water treatment, atg UV Technology are industry experts in chemical-free UV treatment. Independently owned and operated, atg UV are UK based engineering specialists, designing and manufacturing advanced water treatment solutions and packages for a global client base.

atg UV have designed and developed a large range of fully compliant UV systems, specifically for municipal drinking water and waste water applications. Additionally, our experience in the US pools market has placed atg UV as an industry leader for validated swimming pool UV systems, and thanks to atg UV’s close work with the New York Department of Health, it is now compulsory in New York State (US) to fit UV on spray-pad type aquatic features.

As an industry leader with considerable experience in supplying US EPA Validated UV systems for Cryptosporidium protection, atg UV Technology are well placed to support and advise all water companies on the application of the validated units into water disinfection strategies. These include: log reduction, RED Dose, installation into existing infrastructures, upgrades and retrofits, ongoing industry regulation and future product development.

Recent projects have seen atg UV Technology work to develop environmentally friendly, green solutions to some of Europe’s most complex water treatment challenges, including the removal of micro pollutants from drinking water and wastewater to meet the EU Priority Substances Directive and the chemical free treatment of injection water, produced water and flowback water from oil and gas operations.

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