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A.D.S. & Associates

A.D.S. & Associates are multi-disciplinary surveyors who offer a range of aerial, land and building surveying services to both commercial and domestic clients. With traditional building surveying at the core, A.D.S. & Associates can provide cost effective and comprehensive solutions to managers of all building types regarding the condition of their assets.

Aerial surveying can be used to supplement traditional land and measured building techniques as a method of gathering vast amounts of spatial data quickly and efficiently. The use of UAVs (Unmanned Air Vehicles) to assist in surveying allows the inspection of inaccessible areas and the use of technologies such as photogrammetry and LIDAR provide cost effective solutions in the production of mapping and height data.

All flying operations are carried out by insured pilots working under the strict guidelines set by the Civil Aviation Authority and A.D.S. & Associates have an up to date Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) No UAV4248.

A.D.S. & Associates, being surveyors who utilise drones, rather than pilots who take pictures, have invested time and money in obtaining the resources and expertise in order to extract the maximum from any images collected. With extensive experience in defect remediation we can suggest the best approach for investigation as well as being able to provide analysis.

UAVs for Inspection and Analysis of Buildings

Drones are now generally accepted as a very useful tool when used to inspect buildings. They can alleviate the requirement for intrusive and expensive access platforms or scaffolding. High resolution images can be obtained quickly and therefore cheaply in many situations.

Many clients and even pilots are unaware of the additional advantages that can be had when collecting data using a UAV. With the correct training a surveyor can use the images to for further analysis.

One example would be using images to take accurate measurements of structures or land features with photogrammetry. The principles of photogrammetry have been known for centuries and it has been used in surveying successfully since the mid-1800s. It did however involve the use of some very specialised equipment and was not always very accurate. Advances in software and computing have made the process more accessible and sub-10mm accuracy can be obtained.

With software more commonly used in forensics, A.D.S. & Associates are able to analyse images and take accurate measurements, areas, volumes etc. Not only can defects be identified and recorded, they can be quantified as well.

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