ACO Sealin – Planning piece of mind with new ‘integrated seal’ drainage channels

The problem of limiting groundwater contamination is a significant environmental concern for Local Authorities and Developers alike.

Numerous pollutants, such as heavy metals, road salt chlorides, tyre wear, brake dust, oil and soot from exhaust fumes may be found in rainwater run-off.

A system with an integrated seal will give Local Authorities and Developers the extra piece of mind that their project can deliver the required water tightness to prevent contaminated surface water leaking into the ground.

ACO MultiLine Sealin is the first high-strength grated channel drainage system in the UK with a fully integrated seal as standard.

Providing comprehensive groundwater protection for use in a wide range of applications including commercial, housing and parking areas as well as pedestrian precincts.

Comprehensive use of seals throughout the whole channel system, including sump, junctions and vertical outlets, means that Sealin is an advancement on BS EN 1433 requirements, which only mandate testing of a two-channel section for water tightness.

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