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A2Z TECHNOLOGIES or better known as A2Z, is a Setsquared partner that operates in the technology industry. Established in 2002 by director Azir Razzak, the initial purpose was to provide outstanding customer service, harnessing technology to understand, meet and exceed client expectations. This fundamental principle is still and will remain the backbone of their success.   
Around the time of incorporation A2Z was primarily an IT Support Company located in Bristol, UK. However, in recent years, the focus of A2Z has adapted, from limiting itself to just an IT support company to a ‘Complete Technology Partner’. Some of the key services now offered, include software development, cyber security, IT support, digital services, consultancy and several other services that make up the IT spectrum.  
The shift was triggered with a purpose and persistence to fill a market gap created by IT companies that were overly fixated on supplying products or individual services, rather than creating a long and transparent relationship with their clients. 
Being a complete technology partner and offering a complete IT solution means A2Z can fully support clients in a competitive economic climate where growth and profit margins are at a premium. By having one IT provider, a partner, the relationship built has been proved to assist companies regardless of industry or size, in getting the upper hand on competitors.  
A perfect example of this would be the first partnership/client acquired. A2Z originally partnered with a local media distribution company primarily based in one location. Since then A2Z has helped facilitate the growth and development of this company to be ‘The UK’s biggest independent news wire’ and continue providing such services for future expansion, as well as for several other flourishing businesses. 
The above example demonstrates the joint success A2Z and the client has gained from creating a transparent and strong partnership. This is fundamentally a summary of ethos and philosophy which the company adhere to, and what makes them distinctive to many technology providers. Putting a strong emphasis on the importance of partnerships to the company. 
The clients of A2Z are not always successful businesses, A2Z as a company really enjoy giving back to worthwhile causes and currently do pro-rata work for local schools and religious institutions within the Bristol area, where no profit is sought. Primarily this includes; setup, maintenance & the support of equipment as well as training and general improvement of IT practises.  
With how fast the technology industry evolves, it is important that A2Z stays relevant to all of our clients. Consequently, A2Z is a company that always looks to provide the latest training for their staff in the hope they can further push the company in the right direction.  
Individual accreditations are important but likewise so are company ones. A2Z is selective with its associates, as their fundamental intention as a service provider is to offer the very best to their clients. This is portrayed by their collaboration with the more established and well-renowned brands in the industry; i.e. Google, Microsoft, Sage, VMware and Cisco to name a few.  
As well as accreditations, A2Z relies heavily upon the principles of honesty, professionalism and the understanding that we are a customer service organisation and intent on the fulfilment of great partnerships.  
Thankfully A2Z is made up of a small but cohesive team that can do exactly this. The team boasts an array of skills which allows A2Z to be a complete technology partner whilst maintaining the above principles. The A2Z talent pool consists of postgraduates, graduates and self-taught IT experts who are specialised in various fields of the IT industry. 

However what makes the A2Z team unique is not necessarily the staff credentials, but the staff empowerment. The A2Z team is setup to be flexible, where employees can switch from one project to another as required. Moreover, each employee is encouraged to use their own initiative to make their own decisions and start projects that they feel would be beneficial to the business as well as clients. In addition, the A2Z employees have the option to work in the office, from home or try digital nomadism, where some of our employees carry out their work whilst travelling the world. A2Z is all about staff morale, as a happy and empowered team will always be more productive and creative.  

The future of A2Z is exciting. The team is constantly growing, with new partnerships being formed and opportunities arising daily. Already this year A2Z have recruited new employees, become an official crown commercial service partner, set to release a HR solution that will revolutionise HR and finally, have been accepted into the celebrated SetSquared incubator. 2017 is already proving to be an interesting year.

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